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Bullion gold bars & coins from Correct Gold

Benefits of buying bullion gold

You can purchase our gold bullion products for investment purposes at several places in Hungary at selected Correct Change Currency Exchange offices. You can find the list of these offices here. Apart from gold investment, you will also find silver products on our website, as well as occasionally numismatic rarities. You can use filters to view bullion gold bars, coins, and silver products. Click on each item to see detailed information and/or to put it in the basket. You can buy gold at the stated selling price or sell your investment products at the stated purchase price.

You can pay either in cash in almost all currencies or by wire transfer in HUF (also instantly from a hungarian bank account) or EUR. We do not accept credit cards at the moment.

You can store your bullion gold in our central safe. Call us on +36 30 472 8073

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Latest bullion gold coins, bars and plates
Maple Leaf 1 ounce Gold Coin (Canada) 2015-23
We sell: HUF 751,900
We buy: HUF 710,000
100x1grams Heimerle+Meule /Valcambi gold Combibar
We sell: HUF 2,390,600
We buy: HUF 2,287,600
1 oz (31,1 g) Heimerle+Meule /Heraeus gold bar
We sell: HUF 732,000
We buy: HUF 704,400
1 oz Perth Mint Dragon minted gold bar
We sell: HUF 777,000
We buy: HUF 711,500
1 ounce (31,1 g) Argor Heraeus /Valcambi gold bar
We sell: HUF 736,100
We buy: HUF 704,400
1 oz Argor Heraeus gold bar Year of the Dragon
We sell: HUF 757,600
We buy: HUF 711,500
500g Argor Heraeus-Münze Österreich-Valcambi Gold Bar
We sell: HUF 11,697,600
We buy: HUF 11,254,500
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Scrap Gold and Silver Prices

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14 carat gold buy-up price


18 carat gold buy-up price


24 carat gold buy-up price

800 ‰

Buy-up price of 800‰ silver

925 ‰

Buy-up price of 925‰ silver

999 ‰

Buy-up price of 999‰ silver


Buy jewellery and get a higher gold purchase price!

We will charge you a higher market price for your gold when you buy jewellery in any of our stores

14 carat gold buy-up price: HUF 12,900/g
18 carat gold buy-up price: HUF 16,500/g
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