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Who are we?

Correct Gold is a subsidiary of the Correct Change currency exchange network, which has been operating successfully for almost 20 years and has now expanded nationwide. Our business has proven to be highly capitalized over the years, so you can always count on us whether you are buying or selling an investment product, need a pawn loan, or need to convert fractional gold into cash.

We currently have 40 locations across the country, headquartered in Budapest, but we strive to offer our gold services in many of our rural outlets, so you can buy an investment product or sell a fractional gold or silver product at any Correct Change currency exchange. 

Values we believe in:

Honesty and trust

We listen to our clients and partners and earn their trust!

Professionalism and reliability

We are reliable, we optimise the transaction and we accompany our clients through all market situations!

Speed and flexibility

We meet the needs of our clients and partners with personalised dedication!

Experience and appreciation

Our staff's many years of professional experience in precious metals and investments are your guarantee that you are in the right place when you contact us with your gold business.

Our services:

  • investment gold and silver sale purchase
  • custody service
  • purchase of bullion
  • used jewellery
  • pledge loan

Investment gold sales

Choose a well-funded, reliable partner for your gold investment!

We offer a complete gold market service, so you can get the gold block or gold coin of your choice without waiting, and store it with us for safekeeping, so you can keep your investments and savings safe. At every moment of the sale, we try to sell or buy your different investment gold at the best possible price, so you can make the most of your gold investment!

Investing in gold at the best possible prices. Investment gold of the denomination of your choice will be delivered immediately from stock in a calm and secure environment. With us, you don't have to wait days or weeks to receive the investment gold product of your choice. Prices are in line with world market prices. Like Correct Change, we work with a small margin, helping you to optimise your gold investment.

Our main focus is on the Swiss Argor Heraeus investment gold products, which are available at a constant, usually discounted, price. We also distribute investment gold products from Münze Österreich, which cooperates with Argor Heraeus, and from the German company Heraeus, but these are not in continuous supply. These are also produced in the same place, as both the Austrian Mint and the German company are part-owners of the Swiss factory.

Available from stock in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 grams and 1 ounce (31.1 grams).

We also offer some of the world's best-known gold investment coins.

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Buy investment gold

We don't just sell your investment gold, we buy it. You can now sell your investment gold in our shops in several cities in the country, and you can track the current buyback price on our website.

Gold bullion buyback

Want to sell your worn or damaged gold and silver jewellery immediately for cash? Then Correct Gold is the right place for you!

We strive to buy your fractional gold, used, worn jewellery, dental gold or other gold scrap at the best possible price. Likewise, we will buy any silverware, be it jewellery, silver cutlery, trays or any other silver scrap. We will pay you immediately in cash for the gold or silver. The price is always adjusted to the current world market exchange rate.

Visit our Central shop or our gold dealer in Budapest, where our expert appraisers will use the latest equipment to carry out an inspection and make you an offer on the purchase price. Once you accept, we will pay you immediately. Correct Change debt exchanges also offer you the opportunity to submit your assets for purchase, in which case we can make an offer with a lead time of a few days.

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Pledge lending

Need a quick loan? Do you own a gold investment product, gold jewellery, fractional gold? Bring it to our Centre or to our shop in New Pest and we will instantly arrange a loan with a 30, 45 or 90 day term. Our experts will assess your values using the most modern tools. For higher values, we will handle the transaction in a discreet cashier, and we will disburse the loan anonymously up to HUF 3.6 million.

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Jewellery sales

For refurbished used jewellery in good condition, visit our Centre or our shop in Újpest, where you can choose from our current stock of unique pieces. You can also preview the products online.

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