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Consumer Protection

Financial navigator for conscious consumption

Act CXXXIX of 2013 about the Hungarian National Bank indicates that its task is to supervise the financial intermediation system and to protect the user’s interests of services provided by financial institutions.

Within the framework of this activity, the MNB (Hungarian National Bank) examines domestic and international market developments, monitors and controls the legal operation of institutions, their communication channels, and their content; in the framework of the general press, monitoring evaluates news about financial institutions and service providers. Also, analyzes information that is based on law, received from a legal source.

To create a conscious consumer society and to reduce misunderstandings and damages that end with incorrect forms of consumption. The MNB (Hungarian National Bank) operates an informative activity of financial consumer protection, professional customer service, and cooperates with partner institutions, civil and commercial service sectors. 

Information about finances that is useful in everyday life is available in the information materials of Financial Navigator. The Financial Navigator toolkit consists of a financial consumer protection website, a series of thematic booklets, educational and one-minute short films, applications to help you choose and make conscious decisions, and a mobile application.

In addition to providing information that encourages financial decisions, the MNB (Hungarian National Bank) also assists in dealing with complaints. The staff of the customer service on Krisztina körút in Budapest is available in person, by telephone, and in writing, while those consumers who live far from the capital city can turn to the experts of the Financial Navigator Advisory Office Network cooperating with the MNB in many rural cities.

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